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December 2 , 2010 | It was James' first game back in the city where he played for seven years and won back-to-back MVP awards, but failed to win an NBA championship. LeBron James insisted it was nothing personal. The final score said otherwise.
James scored a season-high 38 points -- 24 in a third-quarter clinic -- to lead the Miami Heat in a 118-90 blowout win over the Cavaliers, taming a hostile Cleveland crowd even before halftime Thursday night. "I have the utmost respect for this franchise, the utmost respect for these fans," James said afterward. But he spent part of the second half taunting Cleveland's bench. Before the game, fans peppered him with obscene chants and booed every time he appeared on the giant TV screens beneath the scoreboard. They held up signs that read, "Quitness" and "Play Like It's Game Five" -- a reference to his playoff failure against Boston last season, when many fans -- and owner Dan Gilbert -- felt James had quit. There were five guys wearing a single letter each on their white T-shirts that spelled out: LeBum.
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The Game LeBron James RETURNED To Cleveland For The 1st Time As a HEAT! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'

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